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About Me

I'm a web developer working outside of Los Angeles, California. In theory, this site is where I try out new things in web development. However, it seems to lie dormant as I work on other things.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing and writing music.

…and why crab hamster?

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a hamster. She was hot stuff in the hamster world. All the guy hamsters wanted her cause she was, um…hot stuff.

On the other side of the world lived a crab, a very homely, lonely crab. This crab had no friends and was subject to constant ridicule from all of his fellow crabs. Some say that this was normal because it's in a crab's nature to be “crabbie”, but others think it was abuse.

Either way, this crab decided to venture away from his home. After a couple of hours he came across a small community of hamsters and noticed how all the other hamsters sought after one hamster in particular. He was intrigued. He scurried over there and started talking to this most popular hamster. She seemed to like him, which was a new experience for our crab.

Then suddenly, CRUNCH!!!

Someone had stepped on our lonely little crab.

Little did our pair know, but all this time they'd been living in a genetic research lab. When the doctors came across the crab in the hamster compound, they were disturbed…but, at the same time intrigued.

One doctor acted rashly and killed the out of place crab, but this sight had given them an idea. They took our lonely crab and threw him out (come on, he was dead). The scientists took the hot shot hamster and one of the other crabs, deciding to move foward with an experiment…the most brilliant…the most disturbing experiment in history of genetic mutations. They set out to create the infamous mutant…the crab hamster!

Mysterion Edition

The goal with this design was to create a site using only the many shades of gray. This design is called the Mysterion Edition because it veils the true identity of the long sought after crab hamster. Exactly what the fabled mutant looks like will remain shrouded in secrecy for a while longer.

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