Hitting the Ground Sputtering

Well, here we go again. I've decided to move away from the free journal style sites and on to a site custom built by yours truly. I suppose this isn't really a new decision, but more one that has taken me a couple years to bring to life. This site has existed in some random form for about 2 years now, but let's just consider this its official “launch”.

So, what took so long? Mainly indecisiveness on my part, along with a struggle to create the perfect website design as it existed in my head. What you're looking at now is the Mysterion Edition of the site which is an embodiment of my inability to create what I had in my head. A while ago I decided it was time to just design something so I could get this up and running, and this is the result. I'm relatively pleased with how it turned out, but obviously you can expect some drastic revisions as time rolls on!

The site is running on a homegrown content management system, which I will write about more in the coming weeks. Every bit of code has been hand-coded by me, so I'm hoping that the work put into everything will motivate me to actually keep the site updated and relevant. The site will be updated with a number of features in the not too distant future, such as RSS feeds, search functions, and a more interactive (and complete) collection.

In the mean time, if you're interested, by poking around you can find out a bit more about me and maybe gain some insight into me from my music collection.