How'd you get your teeth so pearly?

So, after at least two years of hapless debating with the zeeebra, we finally pulled the trigger and got new phones. What took so long? Well, we had been with T-Mobile for quite a while and I didn't really want to be forced into a more expensive plan by switching carriers, but they must have the smallest (and least appealing) phone line-up of all the major american carriers.

The need to get new phones had finally come to a head as neither of our phones liked to participate in phone conversations lasting longer than 10-15 minutes. Unfortunately, T-Mobile still suffers from the same line-up they did two years ago, so both of us couldn't find a phone we wanted. We ended up switching to AT&T, and I'm now a proud owner of a BlackBerry Pearl (which, yes…I could've gotten from T-Mobile).

Previously, I was never interested in getting a smartphone as I barely used my regular old dumbphone. A recent shift in my working environment, where I'm not in the office a few days a week, made me think moving away from dumbphones might be a worthwhile thing to do. The biggest factor being mobile email as it'd enable me to maintain silent communication with my company while out of the office.

The Pearl took a while for me to configure, but that's probably just because I'm a compulsive futzer. So far I'm loving the apps provided by Google, particularly GooMaps and GooChat. The other really nifty Google app is GoogleSync, which allows you to sync your BlackBerry calendar with your Google Calendars. I've never made much use of calendars in the past, but this got me started. I've come to the conclusion that I don't really have much use for calendars, but at the very least it lets me have instant access to the Lakers upcoming schedule…and I'm so all over that!