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Favorite Albums of 2013
Better late than never...… Read More
Top Albums of 2012
Welcome back to the show that never ends (but pauses for year at a time). 2012 was an interesting job means less time to devote to obsessive musical pursuits. The year struck me as deep (I had a tough time cutting the list down to 10 albums), but not incredibly deep at the top (no stiff competition for number one).… Read More
Top Albums of 2011
Yep, it's that time of year again...time for my annual site update, or my favorite albums of the year. Weird year for me musically in that I probably spent 80% of the year listening to music from the 70's (like lots of Bowie). That said, there was tons of good music released this year and I thoroughly enjoy each album on this list.… Read More
Top Albums of 2010
This was by far the best year for music in recent memory. Normally I have to stretch to find that 10th worthy album, sometimes quite a few more than that. For the first time in the twenty-first century, I could've easily stretched this list out to 20 albums..but rules are rules (even if they're your own meaningless rules). In the end, this list contains a diverse mix that includes albums I didn’t want to like, albums I didn’t expect to blow me away as much as they did, and albums by constantly underrated bands who did what they do best as good as (if not better than) ever.… Read More
Top Albums of 2009
Musically, 2009 ended up being an appropriate year to close out a decade without any coherent trend or movement in music. It was an odd year that was heavily front loaded with quality releases and seemed to quickly fall off the edge in the second half, which is represented here in this list.… Read More
Top Albums of 2008
2008 was a bit underwhelming for music. A number of solid albums were released, but none that really caught my ear. It was a struggle putting together this list because I generally feel indifferent to most of the music I heard from the year. Overall it felt like the albums were either consistently good (not great) or had a few great songs along with a few not-so-great songs.… Read More
Top Albums of 2007
This has been an interesting year for music. I haven't had more than a handful of albums in serious consideration for quite a while. To make it stranger, all of the albums I was anticipating heading in to the year (the Smashing Pumpkin's woeful Zeitgeist, for example) turned out to be fairly awful. So, that leaves me with a few established artists who stepped it up a notch to go along with a slew of new ones (new to me, at least) who renewed my faith in new music.… Read More