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…Where molasses happens
In honor of this years NBA Playoffs I put together a new purple and gold header, the colors of the #1 seeded Los Angeles Lakers. You may also notice that a tiny bit has been revealed in what the fabled crabhamster looks like.… Read More
Zap! Bang! PAU!
I think my brain needed to reboot after reading that the Lakers had traded away Kwame Brown, a few non-essential players, and draft picks for Pau Gasol. I had resigned myself to the Lakers never being able to pull the trigger on a trade of this magnitude. I had also begun to resign myself to the Lakers falling apart in the face of an overwhelming number of injuries…just like last season.… Read More
I Hate New York
That title is for all the “fans” of the New York Giants who have despised Eli Manning and would've been ecstatic had he been traded. For me, today's NFC championship game was a win-win.… Read More